Pyjamas ... The Linen Works, UK

The Linen WorksThe Linen Works, London produce the most exquisite French linen at reasonable prices. I keep a fairly healthy supply of The Linen Works delectable scarves, tea and hand towels, aprons, oven gloves, plain linen cushions as well as fabric which can be made into my "Made by Cathy" tablecloths and cushions.  Also, Linen Works produce the most beautiful pyjamas.  I keep a limited supply of these but I am able to import anything on The Linen Works website. Gramon is the only distributor in Australia.

Linen Pyjamas

These amazing European linen pyjamas from Linen Works London retail for £155 (around $300). I have a limited supply and am sacrificing at close to cost for $175 (plus $10 postage if required) in order to have one less box in my attic!

If you buy 2 or more pairs for $150 each.  ADD CODE "2 PJs for $150 each" at checkout.

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